Nigel Housden - 

Globally published and commissioned professional photographer.


I have always been interested in photography and began earning my living as a photographer in 1994 after a business life in a completely different sphere. With interests in nature and wildlife, conservation, cycle travel, rural affairs, music and portraiture, I rapidly developed my own portfolio and client list as a freelance photographer and photojournalist. Over the years I have worked and continue to work for most of the mainstream media (which has included Sky, BBC, Future Publishing, IPC Media -TI Inc, Archant), global publishing houses, numerous conservation trusts and charities, PR companies and private individuals. The themes and styles may have changed and as our countryside, the wildlife habitats come under more and more pressure from human disturbance, conservation has become one of my main areas of photographic project work.

Workshops & Tuition

If you are interested in workshops and private photography tuition sessions - whether unperson and restrictions permit or via Zoom, please contact me through my contact page or email:   

January 2021