No Mow May

Every Little Bit Helps

I saw a great tweet the other day, from somebody who worked for a County Council, deriding the fact that just as the wild flowers were coming in to bloom on the roadside verges and grassed areas, the Council operatives had been sent out to mow all the highway verge and communal grass areas. It has not yet dawned on the wider public how crucial it has become to save our pollinators. That we must save and encourage as much forage for bee species as is possible.


A friend made several presentations to a village Parish Council, imploring them to stop cutting the grass on several acres of village common land. The Committee responded by refusing his presentation, commenting that it would look untidy and devalue their property values!


Although I now have a much smaller area of grass, it has been left so the dandelions and daisies bloom. The thicker grass has encouraged starlings, blackbirds and the brilliant goldfinches. Even through the cold and wet weather, the bees have been very busy on blossom of the newly planted apple trees.