Before the Start

I have been doing quite a lot of background reading concerning the numerous species that I have been photographing lately, the sources of information have been book based. Thankfully I have these resources, but looking through a number of wildlife conservation web sites, I am amazed how bereft of detail, salient facts or wider biodiversity context,  these sites represent on any given species. 


With this in mind I have decided to further illustrate images with factual information, this should undoubtedly lead to help understanding of just how precarious the position is for so many species, the critical population status, perilous decline and where in my opinion consider practical conservation work is being undertaken or required. Perhaps my blogs may motivate more people to work for a far more embracing form of conservation, challenge the non-sensical 'single species' fund raising opportunities, campaigning instead for habitat specific and all embracing biodiversity conservation.  Natural History has been added to the menu bar where image information will appear.  


Natural History is the study of animals, fungi, and plants, in their natural environment, via observation rather than experimentation and presented in popular form.