Animal Encounters

For any photographer working in the countryside and trying to capture something a little different, there are often completely surprising encounters. Taking advantage of a damp drizzle and generally wet day, I wanted to find some Brown Hares tucked away from the murky conditions.    I have some favourite haunts, but after an hour of searching none were to be found or even seen. Approaching a field margin, which had previously been game cover a head emerged above the vegetation. My first thought was Muntjac, then Roe Deer until I realised that some way off a Chinese Water Deer was staring at me. Easing into a position where I was slightly concealed, although slightly hindered by grass blowing in front of the lens, the deer moved down towards me munching on the vegetation as it went. For over an hour I managed to capture some great images, before a slight shift in the breeze gave my position away. The animal picked up my scent and bounded out of sight.

To round off, I managed to spot a Brown Hare tucked into a tram line in an oil seed rape crop. Just the kind of images I was looking for as the rain started to pour down and I headed home.

Surprises like this are what makes wildlife photography so enjoyable.